Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Attack of the.....

Killer air???

crop dusting: verb
Passing gas in a stealth manor, usually while walking through a crowd or a group, so that someone else gets blamed for the stench, or at the very least people besides the assailent must suffer it.
The restaurant's so busy tonight that you can get away with crop dusting your own section

Welcome to my life. It's like a week ago, I may have tooted a bit after eating. Compare that to this week, where I think I set a world record last night. "Human Holds More Air than Ever Thought Possible!" the headlines will read.

I'm not sure what happened. It's like I hit the third trimester (yay!!) and my gut blew up like a hot air balloon. Literally.

I'm leaving a wind trail everywhere I go. The only thing I can be fortunate about is that it's just AIR. No eye-watering can be blamed on me. Not yet anyway. Wait til I eat that spinach burrito in the freezer. I may just take off....look for windful flying object over your town...just may be me.

This baby is growing and growing. At my last picture show, my kid was still shy, but the doc estimated it to weigh 2 pounds, which is one week ahead of it's expected weight. I'm not sure if I should take that as a sign that my due date will be different, or I'll just have a toddler to push out.

My next appointment is next week - just for monitoring - and I'll schedule my next sonogram then. Hopefully, I'll know by September 17th. Kid1 is spending more time booty-up, so hopefully it overcomes it's shyness and shows me some naughty bits.

The baby's room is nearly finished. Mike painted for like 100 hours to cover the grasshopper-key-lime-pie green that was there before and I have a nice, pretty, PLAIN creamy vanilla pudding. Yep, plain Jane, that's me. We're still waiting on the crib. It's scheduled to be delivered today, so I'm just keeping all of my fingers and toes crossed that it gets delivered and UPS was a bit more gentle with it this time. If not, Mimi and I are going to New Orleans this weekend and getting one, no matter what. Here's a shot, without the crib - pregnant style - which means crooked and blurry.

We're getting carpet installed on the staircase today. Hopefully it will reduce some noise and prevent any foreheads from being split open in the next couple of years. Yep...that's right, Izzy is moving upstairs this week. She's done so well in her big girl bed that she'll be graduating to her big girl room. She's still unsure and asked Daddy to sleep in the bed with her. Luckily, she believed him when he said he wouldn't fit. It is the truth, after all. I think she will do great, as long as she stays encouraged. The upstairs bathroom is almost finished too, so we'll start bathing her up there too and it will be entirely her domain. I think she'll be satisfied with that. :) Little Diva.

I just read on Facebook that some friends of mine - who are expecting their second child - just found out that they're having a little girl in a family that seems to only produce boys. Against all odds, they broke the chain and are having a girl. Well, congrats to you Brandon, Joan & Riley!! (even if I'm jealous that you found out already.) If I'm having a boy, and you're having a girl, we have some serious clothes-swapping to do. ;) I'm being totally serious.

Well, I'm all witted out. Time to go lay on my side and relieve this airy feeling.

Hasta la vista.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Well, howdy stranger.
The baby (who is still sexless) has been getting bigger, and consequently, so have I. Lots of movement and I can tell if I'm being poked by a leg or an arm or a head. I can pick out its little body parts too.
The baby is getting fatter. My last ultrasound put shim at about a week ahead as far as size. So, maybe that will mean that I won't last until November. We'll see.
Isabella's big girl room is finished upstairs, minus her bed. She will move up there soon. We wanted to see how she would fare sleeping in the day bed. Well, it's been three nights in a row and she's sleeping through the night, even though she now has the ability to get out of bed if she wanted to. I'm not mentioning that fact to her.
Now that we know she will at least stay in the bed, we will move her upstairs into her new 3 YEAR OLD BIG SISTER ROOM!! Whooohooo! ;)
Daddy has been busy these past few weeks doing his own version of nesting....which mainly constitutes manual labor. But, he's gotten so much done, which eases my mind alot.
Last weekend alone, he painted Izzy's BIG GIRL room, moved her furniture upstairs and managed to throw in a little kitchen renovation. (That is the condensed list of what he actually accomplished.) I accomplished a brief trip to Lafayette in which I ate too much. Seriously.
Anyway...here's a couple shots of Izzy's room....so CUTE!

And, just to show off, Mike also hung a backsplash behind the stove. For those of you who didn't know, we didn't have a back splash. It was just bare, unpainted wall. So, this made me very very happy. I love how it looks.

We got some furniture in...or one piece of furniture in. The glider and the ottoman. That is cool. The crib got returned to the sender because the UPS delivery process destroyed it. So, this is what happens now. Literally. UPS destroys my crib. They return my crib to the sender. This is all happening without my knowledge. They change the date of delivery to Aug 20 as opposed to Aug 16. What they don't specify is that is the date of return to sender. So, today, the UPS tracking information tells me that the package has been delivered - in OHIO. I'm clueless. I seriously thought that Babies 'R Us was immediately sending me a new crib that would arrive on the 20th. Boy, was I wrong. I called BRU customer service - very nice and helpful, by the way - and asked what I was to do now. And, this is it. I have to wait until the refund posts to my credit card (7-10 business days) then re-order it from the website, and then wait the additional processing and shipping time for it to - hopefully - arrive in about 2.5 weeks in one piece. Seems that Babies 'R Us is making it really easy for UPS to destroy packages and making it very inconvenient to order from their online store for the customer. Anyway...I asked the nice man if he would expedite the process and he 'made some notes' on my account that will hopefully up the delivery date before my actual delivery date.
All I can do is cross my fingers. Hopefully UPS won't destroy the rest of my furniture scheduled to deliver this week.

I was thinking yesterday, after I got out of the shower and took a look at the various oils, creams and ointments I have added to my daily ritual of beautification and comfort. When you first get pregnant and see an OB, they give you a welcome "care package" for pregnancy. My first doctor had a bunch of magazines. My second doctor had pens, magnets, cups, schedules, phone numbers, a bib and it all came in a tote! Sold me right away! Anyway, I was thinking this: when you get a care package from your OB, they should also give you a supply of all the additional ointments you will need during your pregnancy. I hate the word ointment. It sounds exactly like what it's used for: to put on your butt, your privates, and other various skin ailments. OINT-MENT. Blech.
So, this care package should contain a tube of Preparation H (if you have to ask, Google it), a tube of anti-itch anti-fungal cream (same), a sample pack of a variety of stretch mark creams and oils, peppermint foot lotion, and chap stick. I personally have developed contact dermatitis so I am adding Cortisone Cream too.

Yes, that would be a very good idea. We should all suggest it to our OBs. Hopefully they won't laugh in our faces at the request.

I'm hoping to get a video of my baby kicking because you can see it from the surface now, but each time I've tried so far, as soon as I turn on the camcorder, all movement ceases. I've never heard of a baby with stage fright. We'll see. Hopefully, I'll get that up soon.

Oh, and I say this: BRING ON THE RAIN!! It makes my life easier because it decreases the outdoor temperature by 25 degrees. So, stop complaining about the rain and go dance in it or something. I personally am standing in it right now, drenching myself so I can go stand under an air conditioner vent. :)

Wouldn't change it for the world!! I'm getting excited and can't wait to meet my little Shim! :)